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Founded in 1972, Nutech Paint began with an endeavour to make a roof sealer that would not only beautify a roof but also protect and enhance it for years to come. At the outset was a desire to develop a product based on quality and longevity. For over 40 years Nutech Paint has been providing Roofing and Concrete coating solutions earning our company a unique position in the protective coatings market as a supplier of quality innovative surface coatings.

The business has expanded over the last four decades to be now Australia’s largest supplier of premium domestic and industrial roof coatings. To this day we still lead the market with the length of our guarantees and the quality of our products. Today Nutech manufacturers a remarkable range of specialised high quality paint including roof, concrete, texture and house paint, industrial coatings and environmentally conscious strippers and surface preparation products for a comprehensive range of decorative, commercial and industrial applications.

We take great pride in collaborating with professional painters and retail enthusiasts to make their job easier, cleaner and safer and allow them to excel in achieving their ambition of creating a Perfect Finish!

Nutech retains focus on continual development and remaining at the forefront of coating technologies in order to meet the ever changing challenges of our market and it’s expectations in regards to products that are sympathetic to environmental concerns. We continually strive and invest in research and development into new products and manufacturing processes that create safer products that have less impact on the environment. For over a decade we have embraced water-based alternatives to solvent-based products and have developed extensive expertise in coatings that are low or have zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. Our philosophy is for low VOC paints, reduced residue and wastage, and safer environments for both applicators and customers who use our products.

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